Pauline Donnelly

Great sales people aren’t born, they’re coached.


Founded in 2013 in Boston MA, RealDirection provides expert sales and business coaching and consulting to real estate professionals all over the United States. RealDirection clients are smart, motivated real estate sales associates and brokers, real estate sales managers, real estate attorneys, and mortgage and loan officers who invest time, money, and effort into the coaching process in order to grow their business, increase revenue, and become better sales people.

Our Approach

“Pauline combines the experience of a proven sales person with the knowledge of what it takes to get there.”—Robert

Meet Pauline

“Pauline has a way of breaking through the clutter to help me focus on my goals.” —Artem

Meet Pauline

Pauline truly believes that an investment in coaching is an investment in business growth and success. She attributes her own success to hard work, and to a singular desire to discover and utilize her authentic brand and to use that as the basis of her business development.

What Is Coaching

She brings a perspective that empowers, not encumbers.”

What Is Coaching

Through personalized sales coaching you can accelerate the time it takes to find your own sales voice – and that leads to better sales. We know that you have the answers inside you, we know how to help you draw them out. We help you compressed timeline of the evolution of your business. Because as a real estate professional, time is truly money. An investment in a coach is an investment in the future fiscal health of your business.

Who We Coach

“I had all the answers inside of me, I was just missing the right questions.”